We encourage good speaking and listening across our school, using role play, drama and every opportunity to give them the chance to speak to an audience and to listen.

We love to read at Halberton. Every week, children read in pairs across year groups and write book reviews based on their choice. The winning reviews are put on the noticeboard for all to admire. We also hold regular special events to promote reading. Naturally, we put a strong emphasis on learning to read through good phonics teaching and guided reading with Teachers and Teaching Assistants across the school.

Writing is usually linked to our class themes and each week we have a Big Write session, where children can apply the skills they have been learning. Our Governors are also keen to encourage high quality writing; they have recently introduced a special prize.


We want every child to see themselves as a mathematician; we put a strong emphasis on both fluency and efficiency in calculating and on using and applying maths across subjects.

In Mathematics, our target is for children to achieve the highest level of proficiency and understanding. We take a practical and investigative approach, using hands-on activities to build true understanding, while making sure that number facts (such as bonds to ten and times table facts) are secure. There is a balance between mental and written methods taught, moving on to standard written methods as soon as children are ready.


We teach science through our half termly themes, many of which have a strong science focus. Children observe, look for patterns, form ideas, test theories and then record and evaluate results. They have many opportunities to have a lot of fun, while using and applying their maths skills.

Parents often have the chance to try out some of our science activities themselves, during our Summer open day, when children share and celebrate their learning in class.

History and Geography

The New Primary National Curriculum has changed for History and Geography; we are already beginning to teach the new programmes of study through our half termly themes. We plan exciting learning experiences, which involve visitors to the school or trips outside it, whenever possible. These are the memories of exciting learning that inspire a lifetime love of learning.

Design Technology (DT)

We use our cross curricular themes as the springboard for Design Technology.Children design, plan, make and evaluate ideas, while practising skills. We teach children to use tools and equipment safely and carefully. Designing and making involves a variety of materials, such as food, textiles, recycled materials and construction kits.


The nature of this subject means that it changes rapidly; what used to be ICT now includes a much greater emphasis on understanding that computer programs and applications use simple, step by step instructions and then beginning to write simple programs.

It is also very important that we emphasise safety when searching online and that all users know how to keep themselves safe online.

Children learn to use computers in all subjects; we have three sets of networked laptops, including Apple Mac.


We are using our PE funding to help our teachers, teaching assistants and meal time assistants to teach gymnastics, dance and games to a high standard. We have a high participation rate in after school and lunchtime PE activities and we try to vary what we offer.

Please see the PE premium report on this website for further details.

Halberton pupils take part in local football and netball festivals and leagues, as well as fielding teams for the Exmoor Challenge in May each year and the Wilcombe Wobbler running festival.

Children from our Running Club take part in the Great West Run Schools Challenge, one of the few schools outside Exeter to do so.

Children in years two and three are taught swimming during the second half of the Summer term, along with any non swimming year 6 pupils.


Children learn to sing and to play various tuned and untuned instruments, often composing their own work.

Every year, children in Saturn class take part in a musical production, which is always very popular.

Many of our children have individual or small group instrument tuition with a variety of visiting teachers. They are invited to play in assemblies from time to time, as well as at the end of year Leavers' Service at St Andrew's Church.

Currently, we can offer lessons in guitar, flute, piano, keyboard, clarinet and trumpet


RE is part of our rich cultural heritage, both in this country and in the world.  It encourages respect for others and a positive view of difference. We teach RE through our half termly themes, as well as during assembly time. We have a positive link with both churches in the village of Halberton and often have visits from the ministers and youth workers. There are also links between  RE and PSHE.

Every Wednesday, children from the school are invited informally into St Andrew's church, with their parents or carers, for cakes and tea or squash.

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

We use the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) materials to teach our children how to recognise and deal with feelings and to manage their reactions. Regular whole class sessions emphasise our simple Golden Rules and how to keep them.

We are also a THRIVE school and our trained practitioner works with individual children and small groups to help them understand their emotions and to support each other to work well both in class  and in the playground.

Please see our Positive Behaviour Policy for more information.

Further Information

Further information on the curriculum can be obtained from Mr Steven Badcott, Headteacher, on 01884 820585.