Please select 'Policies' from the Governors menu to read the latest ratified policies, although we are currently a term behind as we try to align the policies of both schools.  Please select 'Governing Body'  to access information regarding the Federated Governing Body and minutes of Full Governing Body meetings once they have been approved.

Governing Body Statement:

Halberton Primary School and Uplowman CofE Primary School became a Federation on 31st August 2015, therefore, we are an equal part of one Federated Governing Body which has been made up of representatives from both schools.  We are very lucky to have a Governing Body from both communities who are committed to the welfare and education of the children in our care, as well as the wellbeing of all staff.  The Federated Governing Body plays an important and crucial role in the life of your school and is made up of volunteers appointed by parents, the Diocese (Foundation), Tiverton Co-operative Learning Partnership (Foundation), the Local Authority and the Staff as follows:  2 Parent Governors; 2 Diocese nominated Foundation Governors (one Ex-Officio); 2 Tiverton Co-operative Learning Partnership (TCLP) nominated Foundation governors; 1 Local Authority Governor; 2 Staff Governors (including Executive Head teacher); 5 Co-opted Governors.

The role of the Governing Body is to oversee all aspects and processes of the school, but they have numerous detailed responsibilities many of which are addressed by the following two sub-committees:

The Teaching & Learning Committee:  hold responsibility for monitoring the quality of teaching within the school, and with monitoring and evaluating the progress and attainment of all pupils.

The Resources Committee:  has responsibility for agreeing the annual budget and for monitoring expenditure with the Executive Head Teacher and Administrator.  Also, this committee is responsible for the maintenance and development of the premises as well as Health & Safety.

The Full Governing Body: try to meet twice a term and the Executive Head Teacher provides a report detailing progress and/or developments in all area's.  The Governing Body is accountable to the Local Education Authority, Ofsted and the Diocese for ensuring that their statutory responsibilities are met.

In conclusion, the Federated Governing Body is tasked with ensuring that the welfare of each school; its ethos, values and strategic vision are maintained.  They actively encourage and welcome feedback, and suggestions.  Governors can be contacted by emailing their clerk, Mrs Sandy Hancock, or via the school office.