PE Funding

During 2016/17 we received £8,264 for PE Funding. This has been used to buy in specialist sport teaching provision from Saints South West (formerly Play the Arsenal Way) which cost £2,964.  They have offered activities such as football, rugby, athletics and gynmastics.  We have also brought in services from Go Active at a cost of £3,800 who have offered gymnastics, althletics, hockey, and various team building games.  Both Saints South West and Go Active have provided an after school club each week offering football, street surfing, fencing, cheer leading and urban polo.  We have been able to offer these clubs free as a result of the funding.  The remaining funds of £1,500 have been used to replace some items of PE equipment within the school.


Our PE Funding 2015/2016 of £4836 was been used to buy in specialist sports teaching provision from Play the Arsenal Way.  The children have enjoyed a wide range of sporting activities including football, rugby, athletics and gymnastics.  We have also bought in services from Go Active to increase our sports provisions.  This this also enabled us to cover PPA time for teaching staff.  Equipment has also been purchased with the money and further enhance our pupils' experience of sport opportunities.  We are also able to offer free after school football and rocket ball clubs as a result of the funding.

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