Halberton Primary School

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The ability to develop the use of the English language is crucial for each child’s education. It is the main medium through which children will access the world around them as well as the rest of the primary curriculum. In order to communicate effectively with others and interpret the world around them, we aim to provide children with a high-quality English education.

At the Halberton & Uplowman Federation, we aim to develop a love of reading where all children have the desire and ability to read independently a variety of texts for pleasure and information. We aim to provide children with the skills necessary to express their thoughts and feelings both orally and in the written form and to ensure that children have the ability to use the conventions of English, based on understanding of phonics, grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting, as applied to the different genres.

Please refer to the following sections for further details – Reading, Writing, Grammar and Spelling.

English Curriculum