Halberton Primary School

Church Path, Halberton, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 7AT

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Halberton Primary School is a safe, exciting place to learn, where all children can be proud of their achievements. All members of our staff, parents and governors work together and help each other to make the school a happy and successful place one. Indeed, Ofsted, in December 2017, noted how staff "have created a caring school where pupils are happy, feel valued and achieve well."  

We help all our children to be the best that they can be and to grow to love learning along their journey through life. We provide each individual child with a broad, balanced relevant curriculum differentiated to suit their needs. We recognise that each child has its own strengths, needs and hopes for success. Staff are warm and friendly; lessons are exciting, fun and everyone's ideas are valued. When children leave Halberton Primary school, they will be responsible young people with high aspirations.

The school is part of a incredibly supportive and friendly community where parents, staff and governors share the common goal of giving the very best we can for the wonderful children in our care. As a parent remarked to Ofsted, "This friendly, welcoming school goes above and beyond to ensure each child's happiness and progression."

Feel free to visit us and see for yourself the friendly staff and happy children in our school. You'd be very welcome.

Steven Badcott

Executive Headteacher

Halberton & Uplowman Federation


Our School

What makes our school so special?

Halberton Primary School is a happy and supportive learning community where we recognise and develop the unique gifts and personal qualities of all.

Our mission is to enable all children to “live life in all its fullness”  ... to enjoy a life filled with meaning and purpose, underpinned by core values, a love of learning and an eagerness to make the world a better place. We aim to provide an outstanding education for every girl and boy so that all Halberton pupils will flourish in childhood, adolescence and adulthood - equipped with the knowledge and skills, personal resilience and creativity, and emotional intelligence and social skills that will give them every opportunity to experience lifelong success and happiness in the 21st Century.

We work in partnership with parents and carers (also the parish and local community; Devon County Council; Tiverton Town Council, the local church and the Halberton Parish Council) to find ways of ensuring that every child at Halberton has the chance to discover their strengths within school and beyond.


Halberton is an inclusive school.

Our staff and governors are committed to creating a warm, welcoming, nurturing school where all children are valued, feel safe and themselves embrace and live by the core values we feel captures the spirit of our school

Mr Badcott (Headteacher) says:

At Halberton we have high expectations and ambition for all. We are committed to ensuring all children make rapid and sustained academic progress over time from their respective starting points, high or low. At Halberton, we are relentless in our commitment to move mountains whenever this is required. This cannot happen unless children feel safe, feel happy and enjoy coming to school, and as Ofsted remarked in December 2017, Halberton is a school that school fosters a culture which is open, warm" 

In the morning children work in their classes where the focus is on Numeracy and Literacy.  In the afternoons we follow topic themes where the children may work with others in their year group or with other pupils across the key stage. The children derive great benefit from working alongside differing age groups and support and encourage each other.  Work in all classes is differentiated according to the needs of the children.  

During the course of the day our children receive class, group and individual teaching at different times from our experienced team of teachers and support staff, and it is our aim to develop independent thinking, confident speech and quality learning.  We endeavour to make our school a happy and secure place and to build a strong, friendly partnership between home, school and community.