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Halberton Primary School

Sports Funding

Halberton Primary School received Sports Funding of £13,066 for the 2017/18 year. 

 We have used the money to ensure that:

  • All children benefit regardless of sporting ability
  • That every child has the opportunity to take part in local sporting fixtures, tournaments, galas, athletic days, Tiverton Challenge with other schools
  • Staff have access to appropriate training opportunities to improve the quality and breadth of PE provision in school
  • Increase participation in PE and sport to ensure healthy lifestyles for all children
  • Subsidise activities to ensure that pupils do not miss out due to financial constraints
  • Subsidising transportation to selected event, such as swimming lessons
  • Assisting delivery of PE as part of the curriculum and during after school clubs
  • Additional staffing allows teachers to differentiate to a greater depth, giving both less and more able children the support or extension that they require
  • All children experience Nature School, a provision offering camp craft skills, developing motor skills, confidence and competence in the outdoor environment, as well as mental and physical challenges
  • All children experience team building

Of this, £5,458 was used to pay for sports provision offered by Saints South West (all terms), Go Active (Autumn term) and Children of the Forest.

Sports Grant Impact:

  • Staff are confident to deliver sport and access expertise as necessary
  • More children involved in activity both formal and informal
  • All year groups will have participated in sporting activities
  • All teachers are enthusiastic and consistent in their approach to the quality first teaching of PE
  • There are more after school clubs available, some free of charge, with more children taking part in these clubs
  • More children engaged in active play

We are aware that additional PE support funding has been allocated to schools for 2018/19.  We are in the process of discussing ways to spend this money so that it will have a positive impact on all our children's enjoyment of physical activities and promote healthy lifestyles.

During the year we have taken part in:

  • Various football fixtures
  • Swimming lessons
  • The Wilcombe Wobbler
  • The Tiverton Challenge
  • The Exmoor Challenge
  • Swimming galas